How To Get Campfire Smell Out Of Clothes (For Good)

When you go camping, chances are that you will find yourself building a campfire to keep warm and maybe even cook some food on.

Unfortunately, one of the downsides of having a roaring open campfire is the smell that it leaves on your clothes.

Campfire Smell Out Of Clothes

The next morning you notice that the smell of campfire smoke has penetrated to your underwear and all of the clothing stinks strongly of smoke. The smell is usually particularly annoying and pronounced if you have spent the whole night in the immediate vicinity of the fire.

In this post, I am going to be taking a look at how to get the campfire smell out of clothes.

What Can You Do To Get The Annoying Smoke Smell Out Of Your Clothes?

Unfortunately, smoke odors are quite persistent in clothing fibers and do not dissipate as easily. Above all, they do not evaporate as quickly if the clothing is worn close to the body.

However, if you are willing to do something about it and take off your clothes for a few hours, you can usually remove the odor almost completely within a very short time.

There are a few simple tricks and home remedies that can be quite effective in removing smoke odor from clothing.

I would like to show you the most effective tricks that have already proven themselves quite well for me several times.

Tips For Removing Smoke Odor Outdoors

If you are camping out for a few days, and you need to get rid of the annoying smell of smoke outdoors, the following solutions are available:

– It is best to take off your clothes completely (if the weather and temperatures permit) and hang the individual items of clothing separately from each other on branches. The places where you hang up the clothes should be well ventilated and must not be in the narrowest thicket.

– If there are no trees and branches nearby, you can make an improvised clothesline from two fishing stands and some (thicker) fishing line. In this way, you can also hang up the clothes for a few hours to air.

– If there are neither trees nor fishing stands, you can try to shake the smells out of your clothes. To do this, you simply have to grab the items of clothing at two ends/corners and shake them vigorously in the air several times.

– If you think a little ahead of time, you can take a spray bottle of textile freshener spray such as Febreze with you and spray your musty clothes with it.


Tips For Removing Smoke Odor At Home

Smoke odors can be combated much more effectively at home. There are much better and more effective options here:

– A good method is to spread the clothes on a clothes horse and leave it on the balcony or terrace overnight. The next morning there will be hardly anything left of the smoke smell.

– If it rains and/or if there is no way to hang it up, you can throw the musty clothes in the dryer for a few minutes. The hot air and the rapid rotation of the dryer usually dissipate the smell of smoke quickly and very effectively.

– Another good method of combating smoke odor: Lay the clothes individually and spread them out over the radiator. Here, the warm air works wonders – within a few hours the smell of smoke will dissolve into the air.

– The coffee method: You can hang the smoky clothes on a hanger in a small, closed room and place some coffee granules on the floor (on aluminum foil) on the floor in the middle of the room. The coffee granules absorb the smell in the room and help neutralize the smells of the musty clothes.