Why Camping Is Better Than Hotels

When people want to go to an event or take a vacation, many more people are camping instead of staying at a hotel. The popularity of camping has risen over the last 30 years. Tents that you purchase today can protect you against rain and wind and sleeping in a tent is a lot more comfortable than wrapping yourself in a sleeping bag.

Why Camping Is Better Than Hotels

Some people even call it camping inside a building with comfortable temperatures and furniture that is up to par. People also get luxuries like electricity so people can go camping but keep the batteries of their electronics charged. Next time you go on vacation, maybe you should go camping instead of spending money on a hotel. The following are reasons why camping is better than hotels:

You Can Stay Where You Want For As Long As You Want

When you stay in a hotel, you have access to a room and a shower for as long as your reservation claims. But you are still limited on where you can go when you have to worry about checking in and checking out.

When you are camping, you can go and stay where you want. You don’t have to stay anywhere that you no longer want to be. If one place isn’t giving you what you want, you can pack up your tent and belongings and go somewhere else.

Not As Many People Around To Ruin Your Experience

Florida may seem like a place you want to take a vacation but it won’t be as relaxing if you go while students from the college are celebrating spring break. Even if people who stay in the room next to you are being loud, you’re out of luck if the hotel doesn’t have another vacancy you can move to. When you are camping, if someone is ruining your experience, you can set up camp somewhere else.

You Can Save Money

Everybody will sacrifice something on their vacation to keep costs down. Even if you stay in a second-rate hotel, you are going to spend a lot of money especially if you are staying for more than one night. On some trips, the hotel will be half the cost of what you have to spend.

Nobody Can Beat The View You Have

Everybody loves looking at the scenery during their downtime on vacation. Many of those people can not afford the rooms with the best view. So why not camp out in the scenery so you have to go no further than the entry flap of your tent.

You Can Stretch Out As Much As You Want

When the family packs in a car to drive to their vacation spot, how relaxing is it if you’re all in the same room? It doesn’t even matter how luxurious the room might be. When we get out of the car after a long ride, the last thing we want is to be confined somewhere else. That doesn’t happen if you’re camping.

Nature Will Be Appreciated More

The children of today are addicted to electronics. If you’re out in the middle of nowhere then those electronics will only work for so long and you’re not constantly thinking about social media. Once you don’t have a way to access social media, you will take more time to observe your surroundings and enjoy the view. Camping somewhere creates more memories than a normal hotel stay does.

You Don’t Have To Leave Pets Behind

Some hotels won’t allow you to bring your pet so someone has to take care of your pet while you travel. If you try to sneak your dog into a hotel and they create a mess, you could be fined the cleaning charge and kicked out of the hotel also.

For obvious reasons, this is not a problem when you take them camping. Although, you will need to check with the campsite first, to make sure that pets are allowed.

Also, you should take the weather conditions into account to make sure that your pet is comfortable and they don’t get too cold.

Stronger Bonds Are Created While Camping

When you are camping, the only people nearby are the ones you are camping with. You all will be in the same room instead of everyone spending time in their bedroom. When you are spending time together and you are the only ones around each other, you start to realize you may have more in common with family than you thought.

These are some of the reasons why camping is better than hotels. The next time you take a vacation with the family, you might decide to forget about the hotel. Many more people who go camping prefer vacationing this way.

Ben Ross